Spectrum Collaboration Challenge Highlights

Congratulations to the winners on the DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge, GatorWings! After six rounds of competitive matches, the team of undergraduate students, Ph.D. candidates, and professors from the University of Florida emerged victorious, taking home the $2 million grand prize. MarmotE, a team of current and former Vanderbilt researchers, took home the $1 million second place prize, while the third place prize of $750,000 went to Zylinium, a three-person start-up with expertise in software-defined radios and AI.

DARPA would like to thank all of the competitors for their hard work and dedication over the past three years. The future looks promising for collaborative, autonomous spectrum sharing.

Meet The Winning Team

Image Gallery

Place Price
1ST 1ST PLACE GatorWings
3RD 3RD PLACE Zylinium
4TH 4TH PLACE Andersons
5TH 5TH PLACE Erebus
7TH 7TH PLACE How Make Radio
8TH 8TH PLACE Dragon Radio
9TH 9TH PLACE Sprite
10TH 10TH PLACE Sodium-24
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