Extended Highlights from the SC2 Championship Event Now Available on DARPAtv

Here is your opportunity to relive the Championship Event of DARPA’s Spectrum Collaboration Challenge, which was held on October 23, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. A new video was recently published to DARPA’s YouTube channel – DARPAtv – that spotlights the buildup and completion of the agency’s most recent grand challenge. The highlights video takes viewers through each round of the live competition at Mobile World Congress Los Angeles 2019, including the nail-biting final round that determined the Challenge’s prize winners. Hear reactions from the competitors, as well as leading voices from the defense, commercial, and regulatory communities as they discuss the final competition and the breakthroughs SC2 achieved at this new frontier — the intersection of AI and wireless. 

Throughout the competition, SC2 demonstrated how AI can address the ever increasing demand for finite spectrum resources.  As program manager Paul Tilghman notes in his closing remarks from the SC2 stage: “Our competitors packed 3.5 times more wireless signals into the spectrum than we’re capable of today. Our teams outperformed static allocations and demonstrated greater performance than current wireless standards like LTE. The paradigm of collaborative AI and wireless is here to stay and will propel us from spectrum scarcity to spectrum abundance.”