Recordings of SC2 Panel Discussions from Mobile World Congress Los Angeles Now Available

Following the conclusion of the Spectrum Collaboration Challenge (SC2) Championship Event, DARPA convened two panels at MWC19 Los Angeles to discuss the outcomes of the competition as well as the future of autonomous spectrum sharing. Recordings of these panel discussions are now available in the SC2 video gallery and on DARPA’s YouTube page under the Spectrum Collaboration Challenge playlist.

One panel entitled “5G and Spectrum Sharing” brought together distinguished speakers from the commercial, regulatory, and defense communities to discuss their views on the SC2 Championship Event and provide their thoughts on the future of 5G and Spectrum Sharing technologies. The participating panelists were:

  • Ali Khayrallah, Engineering Director, Ericsson Research
  • Julius Knapp, Chief, Office of Engineering and Technology, Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
  • Fred Moorefield, Acting Deputy CIO, Command – Control – Communications and Computers and Information Infrastructure Capabilities (C4IIC), U.S. Department of Defense
  • John Smee, VP of Engineering, Qualcomm Research
  • Paul Tilghman, Program Manager, DARPA

A recording of the 5G and Spectrum Sharing panel is available here,

A second panel featured the first, second, and third place finishers of the SC2 Championship and was moderated by DARPA program manager, Paul Tilghman. The team leads from GatorWings, MarmotE, and Zylinium shared their team’s journey to the Championship Event, provided details around what made their technology a winning solution, and discussed their expected path forward. Attendees also heard about their views on the future of autonomous radios and how SC2 is helping propel a paradigm shift in spectrum sharing. The participating panelists were:

  • John Shea, GatorWings
  • Peter Volgyesi, MarmotE
  • Bob Baxley, Zylinium

The recording of the winners panel is available here,