BAM! Wireless

Purdue University, Texas A&M University

BAM! Wireless consists of six research groups from Purdue and Texas A&M universities, including expertise in physical layer (MIMO, LTE, LDPC, synchronization) and network layer (software defined networking), as well as machine learning and control. Through our participation in the first two phases of SC2, we developed a context-aware QoS-sensitive agile solution for collaborative intelligent radio networks. Our approach focuses on collaboratively maximizing the number of achieved mandates through monitoring the reported performance and use of resources of peer teams and adjusting ours accordingly. On the path to our solution, we overcame several challenges to develop lightweight intelligent algorithms that are robust to changing environmental conditions. The final outcome is a robust intelligent solution that jointly optimizes the decisions for the modulation and coding scheme, flow scheduling, as well as channel allocation to maximize the ensemble performance in the wide range of Colosseum scenarios.

Team Members: Professors: Aly El Gamal, James V. Krogmeier, David J. Love, Nicolò Michelusi, Borja Peleato, Alex Sprintson. Students: Tomohiro Arakawa, Dennis Ogbe, Stephen G. Larew, Mai Zhang, Diyu Yang, Bharath Keshavamurthy. Research Scientist: Andrew C. Marcum