Northeastern University

Team Sprite is led by Professor Guevara Noubir and Professor Triet Vo-Huu and includes PhD students Tien Vo-Huu, Hai Nguyen, Norbert Ludent, and Marinos Vomvas. The team’s expertise spans both the theory and systems aspects of wireless communications in both cooperative and adversarial settings. In particular, the teams’ previous research leveraged game theory in the design of robust cross-layer adaptive mechanisms including multi-antenna, multi-rate, multi-carrier systems. Within SC2, the Sprite system uses machine learning techniques designed for the high rate massive data captured by the software defined radios, and for the collaboration messages exchanged between the teams, to drive the Understanding Engine, and formulate contextualized problems for the Optimization Engine. The Sprite system is distributed over the SC2 SRNs hardware including the FPGA and GPU for higher radio flexibility and agility, and efficient learning. 

Team Members: Guevara Noubir, Triet Vo-Huu, Tien Vo-Huu, Hai Nguyen, Norbert Ludant, Marinos Vomvas